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Kimberley Shead


Buried Memories  -
is on pre-order

Some memories are best left buried

Albie Edwards is an ambitious police officer who jumps at the chance of acting up as sergeant during the search for a missing young girl, Sian Wilkinson.

When Edwards and a new officer Darcy Nicholls are called to the crime scene of a dead child, Darcy asks when he'd seen his first dead body.

Plagued by memories of childhood, the criminal background of his father, and the recall of his first dead body, Edwards finds it difficult to stay out of his own head.

With Darcy's help, Edwards remains focused and before long the pair find themselves questioning whether Sian was connected to the dead child at the crime scene.

As the investigation continues, it becomes clear that more than one child is missing and Edwards has to accept help from a rival colleague to ensure no other children are taken.

Before long, Edwards realises that to find Sian alive his rivalry needs to be forgotten and the team must pull together.


A DS Albie Edwards 60 page story

Welcome To A World Of Stories

Kimberley Shead writes stories that explore humanity, morality, and the human psyche. 

She writes dark crime and psychological thrillers set in England.

 Every story she shares evokes emotion and includes characters who will stay with you long after you close the final page.

Why not explore the website and find a story to delve into?

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