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An Interview with DS Albie Edwards


Albie is a private person with a dubious background and numerous secrets. I hope you enjoy the interview and it gives you an insight into the main character in the series.

Read the interview below:

Originally I contemplated whether or not to divulge any information about my life. Individual’s lives are personal, don’t you think? There are a number of reasons why the intrusion by others into my life makes me anxious.

Firstly, I’m a private person, it has helped me, an efficient survival tactic throughout the first thirty-two years of my life.

Secondly, I question why any person would wish to unpick my life and make assumptions about someone they have yet to meet.

Another reason is that humans, myself included, in general make mistakes throughout their lives that those around them never understand let alone forgive.

And finally, secrets..we all keep them, in general they are well hidden for a reason.

Before you get the wrong idea about me, I don’t give a damn about others opinions, so I may not be the type of person you wish to know more about..remember you can stop reading now, your choice.

An interview, that was the original request. Ridiculous. Expecting me to waste my time. My job is demanding and all consuming, so much more important than answering some irrelevant questions. Eventually we came to a compromise. I’ve read through the questions, disregarded some and attempted to report back on others as honestly as possible.

Someone explain why people ask stupid questions and expect the answers to be truthful. How many of you remember that school assignment.

Write about your earliest memory?

I remember scanning the classroom at the bent heads engrossed in their memories. That was the point in my life when I realised I was living a lie. I had a choice, to write about the day at Greenville Park on the boating lake with my beautiful mother and her devoted brother.

Or my mother’s screams at my fathers ruthless, bruise inflicting, egotistic expression of love. You decide which is a lie and the story that made the cut on an eight year olds writing paper.

Idols, always start debates. What qualities does an idol possess? Why do people disagree on the traits of an idol? You could ask the question to one hundred different people and receive the same number of different answers.

My idol, the person who has inspired me all of my life and will continue to do so until my final breath will be anonymous to the majority of the population. Neither a celebrity, politician, evangelist or inspirational leader.

My idol is the reason I escaped the paternal leash that threatened to suspend me in a life of crime. A figure of authority in the Police force, long serving with an established career, my Uncle showed me the way.

When I reached the crossroad in my life he beckoned me from the underbelly of my father’s establishment and focused a young impressionable child towards a safer, if not a better option.

So how has he influenced the course of my life, the choices I’ve made? I don’t ask what would Uncle Morgan do? Instead I’ve studied his life choices.

He has taught me the importance of self belief, career and independence. A strong willed character, mentor and conscience even though he is now retired he is still my first port of call.

Work has always been my life. Passion and ambition are two words that vaguely describe my desire to succeed in the profession. If you knew my father you would have a slight insight into the workings of my mind and narrow mindedness when it comes to crime.

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